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Source Application Inventory by Branch.

NOAA Chart Transformation Tasks Status
    ENC Rescheming - Pe'eri

    RNC Channel Project Depths - Morrow

    ENC Application of USACE e-Hydro - Libeau

    Policy for Hydro within Channels - Winn

    Import USCG AtoN Data in XML - Legeer

    Compile ENC Depth Contours in Meters - Pe'eri

    Small Craft Chart Coverage Migration - Forster

    Encode CATZOC for all surveys - Griffin

    Encode MAGVAR - Ence

    MCD Compilation of Hydro Surveys - Nyberg

    RNC Rescheming - Pe'eri

Source Application Status by Branch
Source Applications over 12 Months Old
Source Application Status
Source Assigned to IICT
Source Application Backlog in Months
Source Publication Backlog in Months
% CRIT Done Monthly within 11 Calander Days