Chart: 81067, Current Edition: 9, Print Date: Feb. /2009
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Saipan and Tinian
This is the Last Edition of this chart. It will be canceled on Jul 31, 2024

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ChangeTanapag Harbor Approach Lighted BuoyRW "T" Mo (A)N 15° 12' 11.497"E 145° 40' 28.912"LNM 49/23, 14th Dist287281067_112/7/202312/7/2023
AddTinian Lighted Buoy C Fad-1Y "C Fad-1" Q Y PrivN 14° 58' 03.800"E 145° 33' 59.282"LNM 42/20, 14th Dist287281067_110/22/202010/22/2020
ChangePacIOOS Wave Lighted Buoy TanapagY "PacIOOS Tanapag" Fl Y 5s PrivN 15° 16' 04.919"E 145° 39' 43.978"LNM 35/19, 14th Dist287281067_19/5/20199/5/2019
ChangeTanapag Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 2R "2" Fl R 2.5sN 15° 13' 12.741"E 145° 41' 24.888"LNM 20/18, 14th Dist287281067_15/24/20185/24/2018
ChangeOkino Reef Lighted Buoy 1G "1" Fl G 2.5sN 15° 12' 42.992"E 145° 41' 45.103"LNM 20/18, 14th Dist287281067_15/24/20185/24/2018
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 7G C "7" PrivN 15° 09' 03.400"E 145° 41' 56.418"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 4R N "6" PrivN 15° 09' 01.000"E 145° 41' 52.793"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 5G C "5" PrivN 15° 09' 00.600"E 145° 41' 53.782"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 4R N "4" PrivN 15° 08' 56.600"E 145° 41' 49.113"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 3G C "3" PrivN 15° 08' 54.800"E 145° 41' 49.717"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 12R N "12" PrivN 15° 09' 06.600"E 145° 41' 59.220"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
DeleteSugar Dock Channel Buoy 10R N "10" PrivN 15° 09' 05.800"E 145° 41' 52.573"LNM 13/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20174/6/2017
ChangePacIOOSWB 197Y "PIOOS 197" Fl (5) Y 20s PrivN 15° 16' 04.919"E 145° 39' 43.978"LNM 12/17, 14th Dist287281067_14/6/20173/30/2017
ChangeManagaha Island LightF WRG 75ft 8MN 15° 14' 26.192"E 145° 42' 44.648"LNM 26/16, 14th Dist287281067_17/7/20167/7/2016
ChangeManagaha Island LightF WRG 75ft 7MN 15° 14' 26.192"E 145° 42' 45.637"LNM 29/15, 14th Dist287281067_17/30/20157/30/2015
RelocateManagaha Island LightFl WRG 6s 75ft 5MN 15° 14' 26.192"E 145° 42' 44.648"LNM 51/14, 14th Dist287281067_11/15/20151/15/2015
ChangePIOOS Ligted Buoy 197Y "PIOOS 197" Fl Y 4s PrivN 15° 16' 04.919"E 145° 39' 43.978"LNM 40/14, 14th Dist287281067_110/16/201410/16/2014
DeleteFad Site Lighted Buoy CC-SaipanY FAD "CC" Fl 4s PrivN 14° 59' 30.000"E 145° 43' 12.004"LNM 24/14, 14th Dist287281067_16/19/20146/26/2014
DeleteFad Site Lighted Buoy BB-SaipanY FAD "BB" Fl 4s PrivN 15° 05' 24.000"E 145° 45' 48.010"LNM 24/14, 14th Dist287281067_16/19/20146/26/2014
DeleteFad Site Lighted Buoy AA-SaipanY FAD "AA" Fl 4s PrivN 15° 21' 35.000"E 145° 50' 04.980"LNM 24/14, 14th Dist287281067_16/19/20146/26/2014
DeleteFAD Site 9Y FAD "9" Fl Y 4s PrivN 15° 05' 04.000"E 145° 45' 08.020"LNM 12/14, 14th Dist287281067_14/10/20144/17/2014
DeleteSounding in fathoms56N 15° 18' 20.000"E 145° 26' 34.006"WNM 05/14, NGA287281067_12/6/20142/6/2014
DeleteSounding in fathoms43N 15° 18' 33.000"E 145° 26' 33.018"WNM 05/14, NGA287281067_12/6/20142/6/2014
DeleteSounding in fathoms38N 15° 18' 46.000"E 145° 26' 34.006"WNM 05/14, NGA287281067_12/6/20142/6/2014
DeleteSounding in fathoms75N 15° 18' 55.000"E 145° 26' 49.991"WNM 05/14, NGA287281067_12/6/20142/6/2014
AddSounding in fathoms94N 15° 18' 20.000"E 145° 26' 09.012"WNM 05/14, NGA287281067_12/6/20142/6/2014
ChangeTANAPAG HARBOR RANGE REAR LIGHTIso G 6s 126ftN 15° 13' 46.516"E 145° 44' 58.846"LNM 51/12, 14th Dist287281067_11/3/201310/29/2013
ChangeTANAPAG HARBOR RANGE FRONT LIGHTQ G 53ftN 15° 13' 45.592"E 145° 44' 25.558"LNM 51/12, 14th Dist287281067_11/3/201310/29/2013
AddWaverider Buoy 197Y "197" Fl Y 4s PrivN 15° 16' 04.919"E 145° 39' 43.978"LNM 43/12, 14th Dist287281067_110/31/201210/29/2013
AddSubmarine Operations Note BSubmerged submarine operations are conducted at various times in the waters contained on this chart. Proceed with caution. N 15° 21' 21.300"E 145° 27' 00.593"LNM 17/12, 14th Dist287281067_14/18/201210/29/2013
AddFoul groundFoulN 15° 11' 24.000"E 145° 41' 16.978"WNM 42/11, NGA287281067_110/13/201110/29/2013

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Edition: 9, Print Date: Feb. /2009
Edition: 8, Print Date: Aug. /2007
Edition: 7, Print Date: Dec. /2004
Edition: 6, Print Date: Aug. /2003
Edition: 5, Print Date: 1/20/1990

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