Chart: 25661, Current Edition: 12, Print Date: Jul. /2004
Puerto Yabucoa
This is the Last Edition of this chart. It will be canceled on Jan 3, 2024

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RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 10Fl R 4s "10" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 10.660"W 065° 49' 49.406"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 9Fl G 4s 15ft "9" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 02.686"W 065° 49' 50.552"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 8Fl R 4s 15ft "8" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 02' 57.954"W 065° 49' 24.538"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 7Fl G 4s 15ft "7" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 02' 51.484"W 065° 49' 27.854"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 6Fl R 4s 15ft "6" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 02' 45.508"W 065° 49' 00.325"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Breakwater LightF R Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 08.609"W 065° 49' 41.245"LNM 43/19, 7th Dist39225661_111/7/201911/7/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Breakwater Light ToF R Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 08.775"W 065° 49' 42.380"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Breakwater Light FromF R Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 08.740"W 065° 49' 41.290"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 10 ToF R 4s "10" Ra Ref N 18° 03' 09.874"W 065° 49' 50.981"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
RelocatePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 10 FromF R 4s "10" Ra Ref N 18° 03' 10.490"W 065° 49' 49.500"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
ChangePuerto Yabucoa Channel Breakwater LightF R Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 08.775"W 065° 49' 42.380"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
ChangePuerto Yabucoa Channel Light 10F R 4s "10" Ra Ref PrivN 18° 03' 09.874"W 065° 49' 50.981"LNM 20/19, 7th Dist39225661_15/9/20195/9/2019
AddObstruction in Feet22 Obstn Chart No. 1: K41N 18° 02' 48.200"W 065° 49' 00.200"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
AddSounding in Feet27N 18° 02' 40.900"W 065° 49' 05.900"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
AddObstruction in Feet36 Obstn Chart No. 1: K41N 18° 02' 37.000"W 065° 49' 01.100"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
AddSounding in Feet10N 18° 03' 07.000"W 065° 49' 44.100"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
AddSounding in Feet12N 18° 03' 02.500"W 065° 49' 34.400"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
DeleteSounding in Feet34N 18° 02' 40.900"W 065° 49' 05.900"LNM 45/18, 7th Dist39225661_111/1/201811/1/2018
AddObstruction in Feet44 Obstn PA (rep 2014) Chart No. 1: K41N 18° 03' 17.670"W 065° 49' 56.450"LNM 47/14, 7th Dist39225661_111/20/201411/20/2014
ChangeDepth Legend 23 FT MAR 2012N 18° 03' 08.200"W 065° 50' 14.000"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
ChangeDepth Legend - Turning Basin33 FT MAR 2012N 18° 03' 08.700"W 065° 50' 01.400"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
AddSounding in Feet17N 18° 03' 03.720"W 065° 49' 53.300"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
ChangeDepth Legend - Entrance Channel33 FT MAR 2012N 18° 02' 48.500"W 065° 49' 13.000"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
AddSounding in Feet11N 18° 03' 03.690"W 065° 49' 50.730"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
AddSounding in Feet9N 18° 03' 07.220"W 065° 50' 16.210"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
AddSounding in Feet8N 18° 03' 10.070"W 065° 50' 16.980"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
ChangeDepth Legend 22 FT MAR 2012N 18° 03' 01.900"W 065° 50' 03.000"LNM 14/14, 7th Dist39225661_14/17/20144/17/2014
AddPilot StationPilots Chart No.1 T 1.1 N 18° 02' 00.000"W 065° 47' 30.000"LNM 30/13, 7th Dist39225661_17/18/201310/29/2013
AddHURRICANES AND TROPICAL STORMS NOTEHurricanes, tropical storms and other major storms may cause considerable damage to marine structures, aids to navigation and moored vessels, resulting in submerged debris in unknown locations. Charted soundings, channel depths and shoreline may not reflect actual conditions following these storms. Fixed aids to navigation may have been damaged or destroyed. Buoys may have been moved from charted positions, damaged, sunk extinguished or otherwise made inoperative. Mariners should not rely upon the position or operation of an aid to navigation. Wrecks and submerged obstructions may have been displaced from charted locations. Pipelines may have become uncovered or moved. Mariners are urged to exercise extreme caution and are requested to report aids to navigation discrepancies and hazards to navigation to the nearest United States Coast Guard unit.N 18° 03' 48.000"W 065° 49' 59.000"LNM 15/06, 7th Dist39225661_12/13/200810/29/2013

This listing provides all corrections to this chart since 7/2/2004, the Release Date of Edition 12.

Edition: 12, Print Date: Jul. /2004
Edition: 11, Print Date: 7/16/1994

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