Chart: 11463, Current Edition: 20, Print Date: Jan. /2017
Intracoastal Waterway Sands Key to Blackwater Sound
This is the Last Edition of this chart. It will be canceled on Jan 4, 2023

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AddMarker 3 Reef Buoy DY "D" PrivN 25° 22' 03.300"W 080° 09' 54.000"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddMarker 3 Reef Buoy CY "C" PrivN 25° 21' 57.900"W 080° 09' 39.780"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddMarker 3 Reef Buoy BY "B" PrivN 25° 22' 26.700"W 080° 09' 26.580"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddMarker 3 Reef Buoy AY "A" PrivN 25° 22' 32.040"W 080° 09' 40.740"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddLob120 Reef Buoy DY "D" PrivN 25° 21' 16.200"W 080° 11' 20.280"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddLob120 Reef Buoy CY "C" PrivN 25° 21' 15.420"W 080° 11' 02.880"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddLob120 Reef Buoy BY "B" PrivN 25° 21' 40.260"W 080° 11' 01.380"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddLob120 Reef Buoy AY "A" PrivN 25° 21' 41.220"W 080° 11' 18.660"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddBall Buoy Reef Buoy DY "D" PrivN 25° 19' 04.020"W 080° 11' 29.340"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddBall Buoy Reef Buoy CY "C" PrivN 25° 18' 43.920"W 080° 11' 09.300"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddBall Buoy Reef Buoy BY "B" PrivN 25° 19' 02.640"W 080° 10' 46.500"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddBall Buoy Reef Buoy AY "A" PrivN 25° 19' 22.740"W 080° 11' 06.600"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddAlina's Reef Buoy DY "D" PrivN 25° 23' 11.640"W 080° 10' 24.120"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddAlina's Reef Buoy CY "C" PrivN 25° 22' 52.620"W 080° 09' 50.460"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddAlina's Reef Buoy BY "B" PrivN 25° 23' 17.040"W 080° 09' 33.780"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddAlina's Reef Buoy AY "A" PrivN 25° 23' 36.060"W 080° 10' 07.500"LNM 15/22, 7th Dist292811463_15/26/20225/26/2022
AddCaesar Creek Buoy 30R N "30"N 25° 24' 15.363"W 080° 14' 27.765"LNM 27/21, 7th Dist292811463_17/22/20217/22/2021
AddCaesar Creek Buoy 29G C "29"N 25° 24' 14.474"W 080° 14' 28.202"LNM 27/21, 7th Dist292811463_17/22/20217/22/2021
DeleteCaesar Creek Daybeacon 30R "30"N 25° 24' 15.426"W 080° 14' 27.869"LNM 27/21, 7th Dist292811463_17/22/20217/22/2021
DeleteCaesar Creek Daybeacon 29G "29"N 25° 24' 14.725"W 080° 14' 28.280"LNM 27/21, 7th Dist292811463_17/22/20217/22/2021
RelocateCaesar Creek Daybeacon 30R "30"N 25° 24' 15.408"W 080° 14' 27.854"LNM 22/19, 7th Dist292811463_16/13/20196/13/2019
RelocateTurtle Harbor Daybeacon 1G "1"N 25° 17' 03.898"W 080° 12' 28.462"LNM 39/18, 7th Dist292811463_110/4/201810/4/2018
RelocateJewfish Creek Daybeacon 32R "32"N 25° 11' 37.792"W 080° 23' 12.962"LNM 19/18, 7th Dist292811463_16/14/20186/14/2018
RelocatePelican Bank Shoal LightFl 4s 16ft 5MN 25° 26' 42.537"W 080° 17' 04.748"LNM 18/18, 7th Dist292811463_15/24/20185/24/2018
RelocateOcean Reef Harbor Entrance Light 2Fl R 4s 16ft 5M "2"N 25° 18' 30.959"W 080° 16' 03.348"LNM 21/17, 7th Dist292811463_16/1/20176/1/2017
RelocateAngelfish Creek Daybeacon 12R "12"N 25° 20' 07.104"W 080° 16' 41.489"LNM 21/17, 7th Dist292811463_16/1/20176/1/2017

This listing provides all corrections to this chart since 1/13/2017, the Release Date of Edition 20.

Edition: 20, Print Date: Jan. /2017
Edition: 19, Print Date: Dec. /2012
Edition: 18, Print Date: Nov. /2005
Edition: 17, Print Date: Apr. /2003
Edition: 16, Print Date: 2/10/2001
Edition: 15, Print Date: 7/12/1997

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