Chart: 14800, Current Edition: 10, Print Date: Sep. /2005
Lake Ontario

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ChangeFORT NIAGARA LIGHT 5Oc G 4s 80ft 10 St M(24m 9NM) "5"N 43° 15' 42.530"W 079° 03' 50.040"LNM 33/13, 9th Dist111214800_18/15/201310/29/2013
ChangeBRADDOCK POINT LIGHTIso 6s 55ft 14 St MN 43° 20' 28.300"W 077° 45' 45.500"LNM 33/13, 9th Dist111214800_18/15/201310/29/2013
RelocateCALF ISLAND SPIT BUOY 5G C "5"N 43° 51' 23.254"W 076° 23' 26.416"LNM 27/13, 9th Dist111214800_17/19/201310/29/2013
ChangeSODUS OUTER LIGHTIso R 6s 51ft 10 St MN 43° 16' 38.674"W 076° 58' 26.242"LNM 44/12, 9th Dist111214800_111/2/201210/29/2013
ChangePORT WELLER OUTER BKW LIGHTIso R 4s 50ft (15m) 10 St M (9NM)N 43° 14' 41.200"W 079° 13' 02.900"CNM 08/12, Canada111214800_19/4/201210/29/2013
AddNo-Discharge Zone LabelNO-DISCHARGE ZONE(see note Z)N 43° 28' 51.000"W 078° 55' 28.000"LNM 20/12, 9th Dist111214800_15/17/201210/29/2013
AddNo-Discharge Zone LabelNO-DISCHARGE ZONE(see note Z)N 43° 44' 11.000"W 076° 25' 22.000"LNM 20/12, 9th Dist111214800_15/17/201210/29/2013
Addnote Z No-Discharge Zonenote Z No-Discharge Zone, 40 CFR 140 Under the Clean Water Act, Section 312, all vessels operating within a No-Discharge Zone (NDZ) are completely prohibited from discharging any sewage, treated or untreated, into the waters. Commercial vessel sewage shall include graywater. All vessels with an installed marine sanitation device (MSD) that are navigating, moored, anchored, or docked within a NDZ must have the MSD disabled to prevent the overboard discharge of sewage (treated or untreated) or install a holding tank. Regulations for the NDZ are contained in the U. S. Coast Pilot. Additional information concerning the regulations and requirements may be obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web site: http://www.epa.gov/owow/oceans/regulatory/vessel_sewage/.N 44° 08' 20.000"W 077° 55' 13.000"LNM 20/12, 9th Dist111214800_15/17/201210/29/2013
ChangeOSWEGO HARBOR W PIERHEAD LTFl R 10s 57ft 11 St M HORNN 43° 28' 23.735"W 076° 31' 01.352"LNM 18/12, 9th Dist111214800_15/3/201210/29/2013
DeleteGALLOO ISLAND LIGHTFl 6s 58ft 11 St MN 43° 53' 18.820"W 076° 26' 41.050"WNM 40/11, NGA111214800_19/26/201110/29/2013
RelocateBROCKPORT HARBOR LIGHTQ 8ft PrivN 43° 21' 09.440"W 077° 53' 30.030"LNM 38/11, 9th Dist111214800_19/21/201110/29/2013
RelocatePOINT PENINSULA LTD BUOY 3G "3" Fl G 6sN 43° 56' 53.113"W 076° 16' 24.248"LNM 19/10, 9th Dist111214800_15/20/201010/29/2013
RelocateGALLOO ISLAND SHOAL LTD BUOY 3G "3" Fl G 4sN 43° 53' 43.518"W 076° 28' 34.731"LNM 19/10, 9th Dist111214800_15/20/201010/29/2013
RelocateLIME BARREL SHOAL LTD BUOY 1G "1" Fl G 4sN 43° 54' 44.218"W 076° 11' 55.739"LNM 19/10, 9th Dist111214800_15/20/201010/29/2013
ChangeTORONTO HARBOR AQUATIC PARK LIGHTFl R 10s 22m 13NMN 43° 36' 48.700"W 079° 20' 36.300"CNM 10/09, Canada111214800_111/5/200910/29/2013
RelocateLIGHTED BUOY 2R "2" Fl R 4sN 44° 03' 48.000"W 076° 27' 00.000"CNM 09/09, Canada111214800_110/1/200910/29/2013
AddLIGHTED BUOYRW Mo (A) N 44° 01' 18.000"W 076° 27' 42.000"CNM 09/09, Canada111214800_110/1/200910/29/2013
DeleteLIGHTED BUOYRW Mo (A)N 44° 01' 32.100"W 076° 27' 15.700"CNM 09/09, Canada111214800_110/1/200910/29/2013
RelocateLIGHTED BUOY RW Mo (A) N 44° 06' 00.000"W 076° 24' 24.000"CNM 09/09, Canada111214800_110/1/200910/29/2013
ChangeOAK ORCHARD BKW LT BFl 6s 30ft 6 St M "B"N 43° 22' 28.330"W 078° 11' 31.680"LNM 34/09, 9th Dist111214800_19/3/200910/29/2013
AddODAS BUOY 45159Y ODAS "45159" Fl (5) Y 20s PAN 43° 46' 00.000"W 078° 59' 06.000"CNM 07/09, Canada111214800_18/6/200910/29/2013
ChangeROCHESTER HARBOR LIGHTFl R 4s 40ft 9 St MN 43° 15' 49.770"W 077° 35' 57.370"LNM 19/09, 9th Dist111214800_16/1/200910/29/2013
ChangePOINT PETRE LIGHTFl 10s 21m 11MN 43° 50' 22.100"W 077° 09' 10.100"CNM 12/08, Canada111214800_11/3/200910/29/2013
ChangeLIGHTFl R 10s 51ft (15m) 10 St M (9 NM)N 43° 14' 41.300"W 079° 13' 02.900"CNM 09/08, Canada111214800_110/8/200810/29/2013
ChangeLIGHTFl 10s 53ft (16m) 15 St M (13 NM)N 44° 09' 05.500"W 076° 33' 21.000"CNM 09/08, Canada111214800_110/8/200810/29/2013
ChangeOAK ORCHARD BREAKWATER LIGHT BFl 6s 30ft 4 St M "B"N 43° 22' 28.330"W 078° 11' 31.680"LNM 36/08, 9th Dist111214800_19/26/200810/29/2013
RelocateFAIR HAVEN BKW LIGHT 2Fl R 4s 28ft 7 St M "2"N 43° 21' 01.200"W 076° 42' 30.800"LNM 35/08, 9th Dist111214800_19/26/200810/29/2013
RelocateSODUS OUTER LIGHTIso 6s 51ft 10 St MN 43° 16' 38.674"W 076° 58' 26.242"LNM 35/08, 9th Dist111214800_19/26/200810/29/2013
AddSUBMERGED PIPELINE (PWI) PT 1 OF 3NONEN 43° 22' 34.600"W 079° 43' 05.400"CNM 03/08, Canada111214800_14/24/200810/29/2013
AddSUBMERGED PIPELINE (PWI) PT 2 OF 3NONEN 43° 22' 29.200"W 079° 42' 53.300"CNM 03/08, Canada111214800_14/24/200810/29/2013
AddSUBMERGED PIPELINE (PWI) PT 3 OF 3NONEN 43° 22' 04.900"W 079° 42' 22.200"CNM 03/08, Canada111214800_14/24/200810/29/2013
ChangeIRONDEQUOIT BAY LIGHT 2Fl R 4s 30ft(9m) 5 St M "2"N 43° 14' 17.500"W 077° 32' 01.700"LNM 03/08, 9th Dist111214800_12/13/200810/29/2013
ChangeMAIN DUCK ISLAND LIGHTFl 6s 77ft(24m) 12 St M(10NM)N 43° 55' 50.000"W 076° 38' 15.000"CNM 03/07, Canada111214800_12/13/200810/29/2013
ChangeFort Niagara LightOc 4s 24m 9NM (or 80ft 10 St M)N 43° 15' 42.530"W 079° 03' 50.040"LNM 37/06, 9th Dist111214800_12/13/200810/29/2013
ChangeTORONTO HARBOR AQUATIC PARK LTFl R 10s 21m 5NM RACON (- -)N 43° 36' 48.700"W 079° 20' 36.300"CNM  /05, Canada111214800_12/13/200810/29/2013

This listing provides all corrections to this chart since 9/27/2005, the Release Date of Edition 10.

Edition: 10, Print Date: Sep. /2005
Edition: 9, Print Date: 10/30/1999

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